Encyclopedic Dictionary of Roman Law

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Adolf Berger, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Roman Law, 1968.


L. Siciliano Villanueva, Diritto bizantino

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L. Siciliano Villanueva, Diritto bizantino, Milano: 1906.

The Religious Policy of Emperor Justinian

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A. Knecht, Die Religions-Politik Kaiser Justinians I. 1896.

Die Kirchliche Gesetzgebung Justinians

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G. Pfannmüller. Die kirchliche Gesetzgebung Justinians: hauptsächlich auf Grund der Novellen. 1902.

The ecclesiastical edicts of the Theodosian code

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W. K. Boyd. The Ecclesiastical Edicts of the Theodosian Code. 1905.

The Classics of Eastern Orthodox Canon Law

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Handbooks of Eastern Orthodox canon law and Byzantine law

Sources of Eastern Orthodox canon law

History of the councils and synods

Acts and decrees of the councils and synods

Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents

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