Pavlov, Nomokanon pri Bolshom Trebnikie

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Pavlov, Aleksei Stepanovich. Nomokanon pri Bolshom Trebnikie : ego istoriia i teksty, grecheski i slavianski s obiasnitelnymi i kriticheskimi primiechaniiami. 1897.


Nomokanon der slavischen morgenländischen Kirche

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Tschedomilj Mitrovits. Nomokanon der slavischen morgenländischen Kirche; oder, die Kormtschaja Kniga. 1898.

A medieval Greek lexicon attributed to Zonaras

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The following medieval Greek lexicon attributed to John Zonaras is also interesting since it like the Suda (Suida) contains definitions from the Byzantine period of terms which are important in the documentary sources of canon law:

Lexicon: Ex tribus codicibus manuscriptis nunc primum, vol. 1. 1808.

Lexicon: Ex tribus codicibus manuscriptis nunc primum, vol. 2. 1808.

Photii Lexicon. 1808.

Monastic Typika in English translation online

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Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents. 2001.

English Translation of the Corpus Iuris Civilis

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S. P. Scott, trans., The Civil Law.

Gedeon’s study of canonical collections

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Μ. Γεδεών, “Αι παρ’ ημίν συλλογαί των ιερών κανόνων κατά τους τελευταίους χρόνους”, Εκκλησιαστική Αλήθεια 8 (1887-1888): pp. 6-8, 15-16, 25-28, 41-44.

Works by pre-revolution Russian liturgical scholars

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