Chrysanthos of Jerusalem

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Chrysanthos of Jerusalem, Syntagmation, 1715.


Stoglav in French

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E. Duchesne, Le Stoglav, ou les “cent chapitres”, recueil des décisions de l’assemblée ecclésiastique de Moscou en 1551, 1920.

The Seven ecumenical councils of the undivided church

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Percival, Henry R, ed. The Seven ecumenical councils of the undivided church : their canons and dogmatic decrees, together with the canons of all the local synods which have received ecumenical acceptance. 1900.

Pavlov, Nomokanon pri Bolshom Trebnikie

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Pavlov, Aleksei Stepanovich. Nomokanon pri Bolshom Trebnikie : ego istoriia i teksty, grecheski i slavianski s obiasnitelnymi i kriticheskimi primiechaniiami. 1897.

A medieval Greek lexicon attributed to Zonaras

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The following medieval Greek lexicon attributed to John Zonaras is also interesting since it like the Suda (Suida) contains definitions from the Byzantine period of terms which are important in the documentary sources of canon law:

Lexicon: Ex tribus codicibus manuscriptis nunc primum, vol. 1. 1808.

Lexicon: Ex tribus codicibus manuscriptis nunc primum, vol. 2. 1808.

Photii Lexicon. 1808.

More patriarchal decrees

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I. Stauridis, ed., Συλλογή πατριαρχικών και συνοδικών εγκυκλίων πατριαρχικών αποδείξεων και εγκυκλίων της Μ. Πρωτοσυγκελλίας. 1900.

Canonical Decrees of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

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M. I. Gedeon, Kanonikai Diataxeis. 2 vols. 1888-1889.

M. I. Gedeon, Patriarchikoi Pinakes. 1851-1943.

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