1. All participants of the Congress, including the speakers and the chairmen of the conference sessions, have to sign up using the form available on the website www.congressoslec.com in the “Application form“; Other modes of entry for participants and speakers will not be taken into account. Therefore, those who have already registered without using the website, are kindly request to repeat their registration through the website.
  2. Persons accompanying the Congress participants and speakers, if they wish to have an access to the conference venue, are expected to enroll, too;
  3. The registration fees and participation of € 80.00 covers the costs of organizing the Congress; It does not cover the cost of accommodation and meals.
  4. The registration fees and participation will be paid in cash at first access to the congress;
  5. The indicated at the website hotels are bookable. You can find more hotels, and book through the link of “other accommodation” in the same form;
  6. Unless otherwise stated, every morning, the participants can pick up from the Secretariat of the Congress, the ticket which will provide them access to coffee breaks, as well as lunch, dinner at a cost of € 7.50 per head for every meal;
  7. The participants and presenters are strongly encouraged to periodically follow the profile of the site on facebook or twitter for updates and news. A few days before the Congress, the organization will provide additional maps and directions, in addition to those already present in the site and facebook profile of Congress;
  8. Those who shall come to the conference venue by their own car are requested to communicate the license number of his car by a separate mail message, in order to gain access to the conference venue.