There is an excellent summary in English of the current research on the Eastern collections of canon law in Angelo Di Berardino, ed., Patrology: The Eastern Fathers from the Council of Chalcedon (451) to John of Damascus (+750), (Cambridge: James Clarke, 2006), 736 pages.

This handbook is useful in the study of Byzantine canon law since it treats the canonical works of John III Scholastikos (i.e., Synagoga 50 titolorum and Collectio 87 capitolorum), the canonical works attributed to John IV the Faster (i.e., the Syntagma 14 titolorum, the Canonarium, and the Canonicum),  the work of Timothy the Presbyter, and has a separate chapter on the Eastern canonical collection (i.e., the Apostolic Constitutions, the corpus canonum, Synagoga 50 titolorum, Collectio 87 capitolorum, Syntagma 14 titolorum, and Nomocanon 14 titolorum) which summarize the current research and has an useful bibliography.