New book on Oikonomia, Divorce, and Remarriage

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Title: Oikonomia, Divorce and Remarriage in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition

Author: Kevin SCHEMBRI

Publisher: Pontifical Oriental Institute – Orientalia Christiana & Valore Italiano

Series: Kanonika (vol. 23)

Year: 2017

About the book:

How do the Eastern Orthodox Churches understand the mystery of marriage? On what grounds do these Churches concede ecclesiastical divorce and tolerate a new marriage? What is oikonomia and how is it invoked in the Orthodox East? Is the Orthodox position compatible with the Catholic approach to the indissolubility of marriage? Over the last decades, these questions were the subject of numerous studies. This volume builds on this research and attempts to offer a comprehensive systematic answer to these questions. By doing so, it adds to the already rich tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and presents the Western Churches with a valuable resource in their pursuit of ecumenical dialogue, in their dealing with the ever-growing reality of mixed marriages, and in their ministry to the divorced and remarried members of their faithful. With a foreword by the Cardinal Prefect of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, and published as volume 23 in the series Kanonika, this study forms part of the various projects launched by the Pontifical Oriental Institute during its centenary celebrations.

About the author:

Kevin Schembri is a lecturer in canon law and coordinator of two master programmes at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Malta. He holds a licentiate in sacred theology from that university, and a licentiate and doctorate in canon law (with specialisation in canonical jurisprudence) from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He is a Catholic priest and serves as promoter of justice and defender of the bond for the Archdiocese of Malta.

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Chrysanthos of Jerusalem

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Chrysanthos of Jerusalem, Syntagmation, 1715.

Stoglav in French

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E. Duchesne, Le Stoglav, ou les “cent chapitres”, recueil des décisions de l’assemblée ecclésiastique de Moscou en 1551, 1920.

The Seven ecumenical councils of the undivided church

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Percival, Henry R, ed. The Seven ecumenical councils of the undivided church : their canons and dogmatic decrees, together with the canons of all the local synods which have received ecumenical acceptance. 1900.

Pavlov, Nomokanon pri Bolshom Trebnikie

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Pavlov, Aleksei Stepanovich. Nomokanon pri Bolshom Trebnikie : ego istoriia i teksty, grecheski i slavianski s obiasnitelnymi i kriticheskimi primiechaniiami. 1897.

Nomokanon der slavischen morgenländischen Kirche

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Tschedomilj Mitrovits. Nomokanon der slavischen morgenländischen Kirche; oder, die Kormtschaja Kniga. 1898.

Overview of Post-Byzantine Collections of Canon Law

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AΡΧΙΕΠΙΣΚΟΠΟΥ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ ΧΡΥΣΟΣΤΟΜΟΥ ΠΑΠΑΔΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ, Ἑλληνικαὶ Συλλογαὶ τῶν ἱερῶν Κανόνων κατὰ τοὺς μετὰ τὴν Ἅλωσιν χρόονους, ΘΕΟΛΟΓΙΑ ΙΓ’ (1935), σελ. 5-8.

22nd Congress of SLEC in Thessaloniki

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The 22nd congress of the Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches will be held September 10 to 15, 2015, in Thessaloniki. The topic of the congress will be Oikonomia—Disepnsatio—Akrivia in the Life of the Church.

The congress will be held at the educational and cultural institution of the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki (65 Nikolaou Plastira Street, Harilaou, 54250 Thessaloniki). Accommodations will be available at the hotel Diakonia in the same complex as the Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki. Reservations for accommodation at Hotel Diakonia during the conference must be made between March 1 and June 30. The price for full board is 65 EUR a night for a single room and 85 EUR a night for a double room.

More information is forthcoming. A preliminary program for the congress will be available by the end of February.

22nd congress of the Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches

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The 22nd congress of the Society will be held in Thessaloniki, September 10-15, 2015. The topic of the congress will be “Akrivia – Oikonomia – Dispensatio in the Life of the Church.” The congress will be hosted by the University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki. Invitations and application forms for the congress are forthcoming.

A medieval Greek lexicon attributed to Zonaras

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The following medieval Greek lexicon attributed to John Zonaras is also interesting since it like the Suda (Suida) contains definitions from the Byzantine period of terms which are important in the documentary sources of canon law:

Lexicon: Ex tribus codicibus manuscriptis nunc primum, vol. 1. 1808.

Lexicon: Ex tribus codicibus manuscriptis nunc primum, vol. 2. 1808.

Photii Lexicon. 1808.

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